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This label is based in Portugal, and since the beggining always looked to new talents in Psytrance music worldwide.

After some initial parties, the team was composed and the label started his work in music edition, with Rising Beats compiled by DJ Liquid Shape, one of top label portuguese DJs. This compilation was very well received by community. Tracks from ITAL, Xpiral, Kronic, Cosmo Tech and portuguese projects such as Random Mode, Photonik, Bunker Jack, rocked in every dance floor through the world.

Suria's EP, "Side Effect" came next. This release was a success and the experient Portuguese musician, had again his tracks in major DJ cases in every fluor dance floors. Random Mode´s EP "Electronic LSD", a blast that is available only in every digital stores and offered to the world a preview of the album that is coming right on this label.

Closing 2011, "New ways of Expression" from Earthspace present us the quality and energy of this Brazilian new talent that already proved his skills in the other side of the Atlantic Ocean, and now is coming to Europe to show us his best skills.

For 2012, much more releases will come and Groove Technology profile will shurely getting bigger. We are looking for new talent to work in the future! Don't be shy! We love music and it will be an honour to receveive your music. If you fit in Groove Technology Records profile show your best skills!. . ..